Teacher Profiles
  • Andrew John Miraran Lyon (A.J.) is currently a student at Randolph Early College High School as a Junior, and is double majoring with an Associate’s Degree in Arts as well as an Associate’s in Business Administration.  After graduation he plans on continuing his degree in Music Theory and Composition with aspirations to become a choral and orchestral composer.
    With over ten years of experience as a pianist, A.J. frequently plays for recitals, various NC piano competitions, as well as accompanies various church choirs in the area.
    As a private piano instructor at the Randolph Arts Guild, he hopes to share the experiences he has learned over the years to help others become skilled pianists, while having fun.

    A.J. teaches private piano to youth and children here at the Randolph Arts Guild.  He is currently accepting new students ages 7-18.


    • Five years, pianist at St. Joseph Catholic Church

    • Member of North Carolina Federation of Music Clubs since 2007

    • 10 years of classical piano music instruction

    • Attendance and performances for choral and piano solos at UNCG summer music camp (2015 and 2016)

    • Composed 6 original works: 2 for piano solo, 1 for piano and viola, and 3 for SATB

    • Assistant Director and Arranger for BETA Club Show Choir

    Awards and Acknowledgements

    • (2013-2017) North Carolina Federation of Music Clubs: District Champion for Hymn Playing, 5
      consecutive years at UNCG

    • (2015-2017) North Carolina Federation of Music Clubs: District Champion for Piano Solo, 3
      consecutive years at UNCG

    • (2016) North Carolina Federation of Music Clubs: Second Place, Hymn Playing State
      Competition at UNCG

    • (2017) North Carolina Federation of Music Clubs: First Place, Hymn Playing State Competition
      at UNCG

    • (2018) NC Beta Convention: Third Place Special Talent

    • (2018) Nation Beta Convention: Peoples Choice Award Special Talent


Mark Dillon’s life as musician started well before his birth. His grandfather was a founder of the 1930’s country act The Lonestar Players, a Depression era country band that played that played throughout the United States in the 1930’s, 40’s and 50’s. His great uncle, Hank Jones, in addition to being with the Lone Star Players was the host of Louisiana’s Old South Jamboree from 1962 till 2001. Other members appeared on the Grand Ole Opry stage in the 50’s and 60’s. Mark was raised with the personal stories of Hank Williams, Dolly Parton, George Jones and other country greats. This is the foundation that Mark Dillon’s own music is built on.

Mark’s history as a professional musician is interesting in its own right. Raised near Rolling Prairie, IN (pop. 657) on land that was historically a Miami Indian campsite and a Methodist Minister’s retreat. He started playing guitar at the age of 5 and after graduating in the bottom quarter of his class, he went against all his parent’s wishes and studied music as (ha, ha, ha) a profession.  Mark established the repair shop at Front Porch Music in Valparaiso, Indiana and actually started to make a decent, respectable living. While in Valparaiso he established the Songwriters Association of Northern Indiana (SWANI) as well as studied songwriting and guitar with the likes of Norman Blake, Donovan, John Hartford, Steve Gillette, Martin Simpson and Mary Chapin Carpenter.

Mark began teaching English as well as directing high school band in Chatham County, NC.  He is often invited to speak at conferences and educational events on the subject of roots music education as well as music history. He currently plays guitar and banjo with The Zinc Kings, a band dedicated to preserving the music of the North Carolina piedmont. He also continues his solo career although it seems greatly slowed by the other demands of life.

Mark, who is currently the Music Technology Professor at GTCC, will be leading our Music Historical Series on the cultural influences of music in the U.S.

Mark teaches all historical elements of music here at the Randolph Arts Guild and has begun a new project here in Randolph County called the One Mic festival.

Performance Experience

  • Performed with the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, (on tenor banjo)
  • Premiered jazz pieces with trombone legend JJ Johnson
  • Busked his way around Ireland.
  • He’s appeared on a Kerrville songwriters compilation with the likes of Steve Gillette, Kevin So, and Chuck Brodski.
  • He has appeared as multi-instrumental musician and producer on 15+ cds and in 2000 released his first solo album “A Certain Slant of Light” followed by “Apple Barn” in 2005.
  • His stage show is known for its diversity ranging from the country tunes learned in his youth to the 12 string Middle Eastern slide pieces he is known to undertake when the mood seems appropriate.

Rosalee Bailey is an alumni of the UNC-Greensboro Music School where she earned her bachelor’s degree in music education. She is currently in her third year as a middle school chorus director in the Randolph County Schools System. Her love of music has provided plenty of opportunities for music-making such as: participating in the Carol Krueger Takadimi Workshops, advocating for music education in the offices of Senator Burr and former Senator Hagan, and performing the Berlioz Requiem in Carnegie Hall in New York City.

Rosalee teaches private and group piano here at the Randolph Arts Guild.


As a graduate from The University of North Carolina-Greensboro School of Music, with a Bachelors in Music, Tamara Hill has placed her focuses on the therapeutic side of music, and it’s effects on the brain.  She has been directing adult choirs for 17 years and  Children and Youth choirs for more than 10 years.

Over the years, she has studied several instruments such as clarinet, sax, piano, guitar, and ukulele though her major focus has been on vocal styles such as classical and jazz solo work, chamber and chorale as well as modern and classic accapella styles.

She studied and played clarinet and sax in concert, jazz and marching styles, but after attending UNCG, fell in love with the Old Time culture of music, where she played acoustic guitar and ukulele with the UNCG Old Time Ensemble.

Following in the footsteps of her friend and luminary Adrienne Bailey, Tamara came to the Randolph Arts Guild to teach adult piano classes in hopes to expand music education to people of all ages.  While she believes “fun” is a vital element of learning music, her focuses in music education are based on a ternary system of technique, theory and history, in order to allow students a full music education on each instrument.

Tamara teaches Private and group piano, as well as ukulele and basic guitar here at the Randolph Arts Guild.

Performance Experience
  • Various vocal styles and settings, including popular (pop, rock and country), choirs, chorales, vocal jazz, accapella trios, and chamber settings.

  • Acoustic guitar and ukulele ensemble setting as well as accompaniment.

  • Recording studio settings, recording commercials and original music.

  • Special occasion soloist and music planning (Weddings, Funerals, events etc…)

  • Dramatic events- Write, direct and participation 

Work Experience

  • Directing Experience: Adult, Youth and Children’s’ Choirs:  +15 years

  • Guitar and Ukulele: +5 years
  • Piano: +10 years
  • Woodwinds: Clarinet and Sax: +10 years
  • Voice: +15 years
  • Music Theory: +5 years
  • Composition: +15 years