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May Classes and Workshops

May Classes and Workshops

Crochet 200 with Grace Stamper – Ages 18 +                                               

Thursday May 3-24 / 5-8 pm
$160 members, $170 nonmembers
Enrollment Deadline is April 25.

Grab your hooks and get ready to tackle the always popular Virus Shawl! If you haven’t had the opportunity to work this crochet pattern, now is the time to try your hand with this beautiful stitch. Students must have a firm understanding of the basic five stitches to take this course. Please call the RAG for a supply list.

Beaded Sundisks with Jacquie Reininger – Ages 18+                                         

Saturday, May 5th from 10 am-Noon
$35 members, $40 nonmembers
Enrollment Deadline is April 28.

The Beaded Moon Disc Pendant is lovely to wear (it’s reversible!) or gift! You’ll learn basic wiring skills including wrapping beads, forming loops and wire weaving. Choose beads and wires that reflect your mood, wear it to remind you of your own waxing and waning energies, and perhaps keep them in better balance!



Oil Painting Workshop with Aaron Thompson – Ages 18+

Each Friday May 4-25 from 12-3 pm
$150 members, $155 nonmembers
Enrollment Deadline is April 28.

A traditional oil Painting class that discusses the use of oil paints with different oil mediums (Liquin, Stand oil, Linseed oil and etc.), and different techniques with shading and texture. Subject matter and size will be the choice of student. Starting with discussions about subject matter and form, Aaron will lead his students toward a final project over the course of four classes. Note: this class meets weekly on Fridays in May!


Book Binding with Anne Murray – Ages 16+

Tuesday, May 8th from 10 am-4 pm
$120 members, $130 nonmembers
Enrollment Deadline is May 1.

Long-stitch Binding is a method of attaching folded pages directly to the cover that allows for unique and creative patterns on the spine. It also lends itself well to adding decorative elements (beads, unmatched earrings, ribbon, etc). Students will use book cloth or re-purposed leather for the book covers. The class is guided through the planning and execution of each student’s unique spine design. The resulting books are highly functional as guest books, journals, sketchbooks, letters-to-grandchildren, garden planners, and much more!


Basket Case Intermediate Crochet with Grace Stamper – Ages 18+

Tuesday, May 8, 5-8 pm
$65 members, $70 nonmembers
Enrollment Deadline is May 1.

Take your crochet skills to the next level and begin to experience the ways to manipulate the five basic stitches! This class will work on practicing increases and decreases as we work to complete a mini crochet basket project. Students must know slip knots, single/double/triple crochets and how to chain. Please call the RAG for a supply list.




Crochet Necklaces with Janice Brahms-Butler – Ages 18+

May 9th from 5:30-7 pm $45 members, $50 non-members Enrollment Deadline is May 1st.

Stop by the RAG and join Janice as she teaches her students how to make Crocheted Necklaces! You won’t want to miss this! We will be making crocheted necklaces with glass and crystal beads. You do not need to have any experience in crocheting! These necklaces are fun to make and are very versatile, they can be wrapped around the wrist too! 






History of American Music with Mark Dillon – Ages 11+                                   

Saturday, May 12th from 11 am-1 pm
$10 members, $15 nonmembers

History of American Music: Asian and Hawaiian Influence on American Music, is the beginning of a mini series of Music History sessions, where we discuss the historical effects of music on the US, from various areas around the globe. May is Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month, so what better way to celebrate than to learn about some of their customs and musical influences. Join us in talking about one of my favorite musical influences, including a demonstration from some of our RAG ukulele players.


Handspinning on a Drop Spindle with Le’Tonya Teague – Ages 6+                     

May 12th from 10am-Noon
$45 members, $50 nonmembers
Enrollment Deadline is May 9th.

Have you ever wondered where your clothes come from? In this class, Le’Tonya will teach students how to assemble and use a drop spindle to transform raw fiber into yarn. All materials are provided: You will go home with your very first drop spindle and wool to spin into yarn. Already have a drop spindle, or want to take all three Saturday classes? Cost for you is $20 (members)/ $25 (nonmember).


Memorial Day Wreath with Le’Tonya – Ages 18+                                                   

Saturday, May 12th from 1 pm – 4 pm
$65 members, $70 nonmembers

Enrollment Deadline is May 9th.

Memorial Day is not just a day for cookouts but a day to remember those lost in the military. We take our time to honor and acknowledge those that gave up their lives in defense! We do this through the use of our crochet hooks, a lot of chatter among friends and strangers, and the spirit of camaraderie. Join us in honoring our fallen soldiers with Memorial Day Wreaths.


Cake Pops with Miranda Owensby – Ages 18+                                                   

Friday, May 18th from 5-8 pm
$45 members, $50 nonmembers
Enrollment Deadline is May 15th.

Cake pops falling off the stick? Need help with customizing them? This is the class for you! We will cover different ways to make cake pops, the best method to covering your cake pops, and different ways to decorate and how to use chocolate in different ways.


Animal Anatomy (A Drawing Class) with Cara Bevan – Ages 11+                       

Saturday, May 19th from 10 am-2 pm
$40 members, $45 nonmembers
Enrollment Deadline is May 15th.

A fundamental part of drawing animals is learning their structure and anatomy. In this workshop, we will be studying small mammals from the bones* up! We will be able to touch and turn over bones from small animals, label them, draw and make notes, and better understand how they come together. Some skeletons will be pre-assembled so we can draw them, while others we will practice aligning ourselves to satisfy our curiosity and learn how they help animals move. We’ll also go over musculature and form, so be sure to bring your sketchbooks. Photographs are welcome too! *Everything is gathered naturally in an eco friendly manner.


Music Theory Class 5 with Tamara Hill – Ages 11+                                        

Saturday, May 19th from 10 am-1 pm
$75 members, $80 nonmembers
Enrollment Deadline is May 15th.

Music Theory 5 focuses on learning about Melodic Harmonizations, how to transpose keys and how to analyze scores. It is the final section of the Music Theory Series, and is recommended for musicians who are already familiar with the basic functions of music. Please call if you have any questions.


Pine Needle Pendant with Karen Clodfelter – Ages 18+                                    

Sorry this class has been cancelled until further notice. If you are interested in being on the waiting list, please let us know! Thank you for understanding! 

$50 members, $55 nonmembers

Karen returns with another Pine Needle class! Students will learn basic techniques of coiling pine needles to create a wearable pendant! The pine needles are long leaf pine from NC. Each student will complete a pendant to take home.



Crochet 101 with Grace Stamper – Ages 18+                                                  

Tuesday, May 22nd from 5-8 pm
$65 members, $70 nonmembers
Enrollment Deadline is May 16th.

This class is designed to get you on the road to learning how to crochet. We’ll decode the most common abbreviations and phrases used in crochet and unravel the mystery of the five basic stitches used across almost every crochet pattern. Attendees will get the opportunity to use some of the basic stitches to make a sample swatch or a granny square pattern. This class can be
repeated as often as you like! Please call the RAG for a supply list.

Voice Clinic 2 with Tamara Hill – Ages 10+                                                                             

Saturday, May 26th from 10 am-1pm
$75 members, $80 nonmembers
Enrollment Deadline is May 21st.

This 3 hour clinic works with speakers and singers who want to delve a little deeper into the functions of their voice, how to study and learn the music they are preparing and how to use their whole body as they sing/speak.  Voice Clinic 2- Warming up, Learning the Material and Singing Clearly.



Etched Copper Workshop with Lisa Skeen – Ages 18+                                      

Saturday, May 26th from 11 am-1pm
$70 members, $75 nonmembers Enrollment deadline is May 19th

Come make a bracelet with etched copper and leather that reflects your personality and style! You’ll be etching a copper blank
with a design of your own creation, and then attaching the etched plate with rivets, to create a bracelet with a simple closure. What a great gift idea! Bring your mom, bring your sibs – it’ll be a lot of fun, and you go home with wearable artwork you made yourself!

June Classes and Workshops

June Classes and Workshops

Bugs and Butterflies with Kate Keith Ages 6-10

Saturday, June 2, 11 am-1pm
$40 members, $45 nonmembers
Enrollment Deadline is May 25.

Scuttle on over to RAG as we explore the dazzling and flashy life of bugs! This multimedia class will investigate drawing and painting these small and vastly ornate creatures. So if you enjoy burly beetles or beautiful butterflies this is the class for you! This is a kids only class!

Mandala Painting with Jacquie Reininger Ages 18+ 

Saturday, June 2, 10 am-12pm
$40 members, $45 nonmembers
Enrollment Deadline is May 25.

Throughout time, the Mandala has been revered as a spiritual meditative centering tool. Learn about its history, adaptations and geometry while creating one of your own! Jacquie from Santosha Yoga will be guiding you in designing and painting your own unique Mandala on a round canvas, which will be suitable for hanging or gift giving. The experience itself becomes a meditation, illustrating its value first-hand. All supplies included.


Crochet 101 with Grace Stamper Ages 18+

Tuesday, June 5, 5-8 pm
$65 members, $70 nonmembers
Enrollment Deadline is May 25.

Join the fun and learn to be a yarn magician! Whether you’re a bit out of practice, want to continue learning the ins and outs of the basic five stitches of crochet or it’s your first time putting hook to yarn, this class is designed to get you on the road to learning how to crochet.
We’ll decode the most common abbreviations and phrases used in crochet and unravel the mystery of the five basic stitches used across almost every crochet pattern. Attendees will get the opportunity to use some of the basic stitches to make a sample swatch or a granny
square pattern. Please call the RAG for a supply list.

Story Boards with Janice Brahms-Butler Ages 14+ 

Wednesday June 6th and 13th from 6-8pm 2 day workshop! Cost: $55 for members, $60 for non-members. Enrollment deadline is May 28th. 

We will create a One of a kind story board: YOURS! Recycled material, sewn as a quilt, but, free form to create a scene. This Quilt Story Board is secured to a foam board ready to hang. Please bring special pieces of fabric with you: old jeans, favorite jammies with a hole in it, an old hair ribbon, favorite socks in the bottom of your drawer, old buttons, anything you like- it’s your story! We will hand sew, use a sewing machine & fabric glue.


Zentangle (R) with Lisa Skeen Ages 18+

Thursdays, June 7, 14 and 21, 6-8 pm
OR Saturdays June 16, 23 and 30, 10 am-1 pm
Price listed in description
Enrollment dealine is May 29

Lisa Skeen joins us at the RAG to share her passion for (and knowledge of) Zentangle designing! She will be teaching this course as either three separate classes or one series of three classes. Each class is $55 (members) or $60 (nonmembers), or you can bundle at a discounted rate of $155 (members) and $160 (nonmembers).


Paper Marbling with Anne Murray Ages 16+ 

Friday, June 8, 10 am-4 pm
$120 members, $130 nonmembers
Enrollment Deadline is June 2.

Learn the magic of paper marbling with acrylic paint. Marbling involves floating pigments on water and creating designs
with a variety of tools. Create both traditional and contemporary patterns, a variety of further artistic purposes, or to simply frame “as is”. No experience necessary.

Beginning Hand Lettering and Calligraphy with Jetti York Ages 18+ 

June 9, 10am-1 pm
$50 members, $55 nonmembers
Enrollment Deadline is June 1.

Jetti York is coming to the RAG for the first time to teach a basic hand-lettering and calligraphy class! Have you ever wanted to write your own cards? Wanted to make your handwriting look fancy? Join Jetti as she teaches you these basic techniques!


Handspinning on a Drop Spindle with Le’Tonya Teague Ages 6+

June 9, 10am-Noon
$45 members, $50 nonmembers
Enrollment Deadline is June 1.

Have you ever wondered where your clothes come from? In this class, Le’Tonya will teach students how to assemble and use a drop spindle to transform raw fiber into yarn. All materials are provided: You will go home with your very first drop spindle and wool to spin into
yarn. Already have a drop spindle, or want to take all three Saturday classes? Cost for you is $20 (members)/ $25 (nonmember).



Flag Day Knitting with Le’Tonya Teague Ages 18+  

Saturday, June 9, 1 pm-4 pm
$65 members, $70 nonmembers
Enrollment Deadline is June 1.

Oh, how I love those stars and stripes! For Flag Day, we will not only be commemorating Robert Heft, the original designer of our flag, but also celebrating Betsy Ross, the lady who actually sewed our first American Flag. We are a proud and patriotic people and we are going to use our knitting needles to prove it by making our very own American Flag.


Summer Cupcakes with Miranda Owensby Ages 18+ 

Friday, June 15, 6-8:30 pm
$45 members, $50 nonmembers
Enrollment Deadline is June 8.

Fun in the sun, Flip Flops, Beach… They all remind you of Summer! Come and decorate a half dozen summer themed cupcakes! Start the summer off right with satisfying your sweet tooth!


Christmas in June with Le’Tonya Teague Ages 18+

Saturday, June 16th
Two ClassTimes: 10 am-1 pm and/or 3 pm-6pm
Enrollment Deadline is June 8.

Who says that Christmas only comes once a year? Well, your Christmas crocheting does not have to be limited to presents! We will be working on 2 different ornaments. We will work on a snowflake a month, as well as a globe ornament! Hoorah for
Christmas decorations! This is an all day event with Le’Tonya! You can take one class at $65 (members) and $70 (nonmembers) or you can take both classes with a discount at $120 (members and $125 (nonmembers). Each image depicts the two different classes (choose between knitting or crocheting)!



Voice Clinic 3 with Tamara Hill Ages 10+

Saturday, June 16th from 10 am-1pm
$75 members, $80 nonmembers
Enrollment Deadline is June 11th.

Just like every other muscle, your vocal cords and diaphragm need constant working out to stay in shape! Tamara is offering you the opportunity to take voice lessons to further work those muscles out! Voice Clinic 3- Music Preparation, Mental Preparation and Movement.



Gourd Sea Urchins with Cara Bevan Ages 18+

Saturday, June 16th, 10 am-4 pm
$70 members, $75 nonmembers
Enrollment Deadline is June 4.

You probably won’t find sea urchins like this washed up on the beach, so we’re going to make them ourselves! Using a gourd and epoxy clay, we’ll be making our own life-like sea urchins. After exploring their patterns and sculpting their unique texture, we’ll also be painting them. All materials are provided. You will leave with one finished gourd sea urchin sculpture. Please bring a bag lunch.


Market Gathering Basket with Karen Clodfelter Ages 18+ 

Saturday, June 23 10 am-4 pm
$50 members, $55 nonmembers
Enrollment Deadline is June 14.

Learn how to make Market/Gathering basket out of reed. Bring scissors, dish wash tub to keep water in for the reed, ruler, spray bottle for water, and towel. Basket handle and materials are included. Also option to spray your basket with homemade walnut stain. Bring bag lunch. Each student will complete a basket to take home. $50 members, $55 nonmembers. Enrollment Deadline is June 14.


Pottery Classes!

Pottery FUNdamentals!

RAG is currently looking for another potter to join our team! Christina is moving and are in need of an experienced wheel thrower to teach! Please contact if you are interested or know of anyone that is! 

Pottery Classes with Brooke Avery

Teen Classes Ages 11-15  / 4-6 pm / Thursdays

Adult Classes Ages 16+ / 6-8 pm  / Thursdays

Next session: June 7th – July 19th

Pottery Classes with Christina Bendo

Teen Classes Ages 11-15  / 4-6 pm / Tuesdays

Adult Classes Ages 16+ / 6-8 pm  / Tuesdays

Next session: June 5th – July 17th

Have you ever been curious about clay? Want to get your hands into the mud and be creative? Then this class is just for you! Beginners will learn the fundamentals of pottery: wedging clay, centering the clay on the wheel, and pulling up the clay to make different forms. The three basic forms to make on the wheel are a mug, plate and bowl. After that, you should feel more comfortable with exploring different shapes and forms, such as jars, bottles, vases. This class in not limited to wheel throwing either, we will be going over handbuilding as well. Is there a project that you are wanting to make? We can do that too! We will also explore surface design, how to apply images, patterns, slips and glazes to the clay. 

Cost of classes are $145 members, $155 non-members. Enrollment deadline for both classes are May 26th. Limited wheel space, 3 students MAX!

Meet the potters:

Christina Bendo grew up  helping her parents grow food in the red clay rich soil of Virginia.  It seems a natural progression that she now works in a craft that uses the same raw materials needed to grow food to make objects used to serve it.  After earning her B.A. at the University of Mary Washington, she went on to complete a three year assistantship with Trista Chapman.  She has been a resident at LibertyTown Arts Workshop, the International Ceramics Studio in Hungary, STARworks Ceramics, and Watershed Center for the Ceramic Arts. Her current body of work uses local clay slips collected from her ramblings to add another physical and symbolic layer to her pots.

Brooke Avery grew up and currently resides in Trinity, NC. Always having a passion for art and creativity, she went on to study art and design at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. It wasn’t until there where she fell in love with clay. After graduating college, she went on to being a full time potter and teaching pottery classes at local art studios. Her background of art and design really shines through on each piece of pottery that is created. Brooke loves teaching and sharing her knowledge of clay with others, that’s why she is currently going back to school to get her Art Education license, so she can teach art in a public school one day. Outside of teaching, making pottery and going to school, Brooke loves to spend time with her friends and family.


Music at RAG

 Music at the RAG!


Voice, Piano, Guitar, Ukulele, Woodwinds, Brass and much more!

Contact us today and let us know what instrument you have been dreaming about learning!

Lessons are through the RAG Music Program and available in various locations around Randolph County.  Lesson time and location will be arranged in advance between each music teacher and student.  Time is ongoing based on student interest.  Contact thill@randolphartsguild. com now to arrange for private lessons.



Beginning Ukulele-13 Week Course Ages 10+

Have you ever thought about learning to play Ukulele?  This fun and mobile instrument was introduced to the Hawaiian Islands by Portuguese immigrants and has been part of the Hawaiian culture for over a century.  It was brought to the U.S. in the early 1900’s and has been a big part of our pop culture ever since.  This 13 week course will teach you all about chords, strumming patterns, techniques and much much more!!   Each student must have their own soprano, concert, or tenor ukulele!  $170 (members) / $180 (nonmember). Let us know if you are ready to begin a new and fun musical journey!


**If you are interested in learning more about the historical influences of the Ukulele and Asian and Hawaiian influences on music here in the US, join us this May 12 (Asian Pacific and Hawaiian American Month) from 11:00am-1:00pm as Mr. Mark Dillon brings us on a fun and exciting journey into this wonderful culture.



Beginning Guitar – 13 Week Course Ages 10+


Have you ever wanted to learn how to play guitar?  Join us as we delve into the world of chords, progressions, strumming patterns and much much more in this 13 week course for beginners!  Class is open to basic beginners ages 10 and up.  Each student must have their own acoustic or classical guitar. $170 (members) / $180 (nonmember).




History of American Music with Mark Dillon: Ages 11+

Saturday May 12th, 11:00am – 1:00pm
$10 members, $15 nonmembers
History of American Music: Asian and Hawaiian Influence on American Music, is the beginning of a mini series of Music History sessions, where we discuss the historical effects of music on the US, from various areas around the globe. May is Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month, so what better way to celebrate than to learn about some of their customs and musical influences? Join us in talking about one of my favorite musical influences, including a demonstration from some talented ukulele players.


Music Theory Clinic

All 3hr clinics are $75 (members)/$80 (nonmembers) for Ages 10+

-Music Theory Class 4- Chords, Inversions and Progressions- Basics of reading and building chords of all types inversions of chords as well as progressions. Focuses on using and understanding chords in progressions in everyday life.

Saturday, April 14 from 10am-1pm

-Music Theory Class 5 – Melodic Harmonizations, Transposing Music and Analyzing Music

Saturday, May 19 from 10am-1pm

Are you interested in delving into what music really is? Do you want to learn the basics of reading music, identifying notes and keys and learning your scales? Or could you use a refresher in music theory? Let us teach you more about the fascinating world behind the music you play.


Voice Clinics

All classes are $75 (members)/$80 (nonmembers) for Ages 10+

-Voice Clinic 1- Breathing, Posture and General Vocal Health   Saturday, April 21 from 10am-1pm

-Voice Clinic 2- Warming up, Learning the Material and Singing Clearly- Saturday, May 26 from 10am-1pm

-Voice Clinic 3- Music Preparation, Mental Preparation and Movement- Great Class for those preparing for auditions or performances!  Saturday, June 9th from 10am-1pm

Just like every other muscle, your vocal cords and diaphragm need constant working out to stay in shape!  Voice Clinics offer you the opportunity to learn about the inner happenings of your voice, how to use it properly and how to prepare music to sing for various situations.

Classes and Programs in Archdale!

Programs and Classes in Archdale!


Mini Gourd Sculpting Ages 15+

 with Cara Bevan

at the Creekside Recreation Center In Archdale / A Two Night Class!

Monday, May 14th and Monday, June 4th both from 6-9 pm


Archdale, NC: Cara Bevan is a local gourd artist who works in the Archdale community.  For years, she has offered her classes at the Randolph Arts Guild, and is now bringing her work home!  The Randolph Arts Guild and Archdale Parks and Rec are offering this class at Creekside!  You may know the artist and all of her glorious work, but she would like to introduce you to three of her smallest friends: mini-gourd turtles, dragons and frogs. All materials and tools are provided. This class is a two part class.  You will meet for the construction during the first part on May 14th and paint your sculptures the next month on June 4th!  $55 (members of the Randolph Arts Guild)/ $60 (nonmembers of the Randolph arts Guild). Enrollment deadline is May 11th.

Lectures, Trips, Teas

Speaker Series

Free Event:

LuLaRoe Fashion Show Fundraiser

with Brooke Sides

Saturday, April 14th from 1:00-4:00pm

at the Randolph Arts Guild

Asheboro, NC: You can’t help but look at fashion and think about art, especially with the fun and comfortable LuLaRoe clothing line! Come join LuLaRoe Fashion Retailer Brooke Sides at the Randolph Arts Guild for a pop up boutique and fashion show. Brooke will discuss the women’s and little girl’s styles as well as styling and fitting by sharing examples of the clothes on models. This is a great opportunity to learn more about how to style and wear your clothes for different occasions. Guests will have time to shop dozens of styles and hundreds of pieces of clothing from sizes XXS-3XL. Part of the sales from this event are going towards the Randolph Arts Guild for their programs. Refreshments will be provided as well as a giveaway for a free pair of leggings through a drawing to a lucky winner. This free event will be held on Saturday, April 14 from 1:00-4:00pm. Sit back, relax and bring out your inner fashionista as you watch and learn about LuLaRoe! Don’t forget to bring a friend, hope to see you there!

Bio Brooke Sides: Brooke Sides is an artist and former art educator who works as the Graphics Supervisor Art Director at the North Carolina Zoo. Brooke grew up with fashion inspiration from her mother and grandmother. She loved to wear her mother’s jewelry and accessorize with her grandmother’s handbags. Brooke has a love for dance, music and creating things with her hands. In college she studied art education, metalsmithing and jewelry design, as well as advertising communications. Brooke lives with her husband and daughter on their family farm in Sophia where they enjoy cooking homegrown meals and taking care of their animals. Brooke runs her LuLaRoe business from her home during the evenings and weekends. Brooke fell in love with LuLaRoe less than one year ago and hasn’t turned back since she discovered the most comfortable and stylish on trend clothing! Brooke’s favorite part of being a fashion consultant is creating personal stylings for customers. She loves seeing others feel beautiful.

Speaker Series:

Anne Murray, The Book-binder

Tuesday, May 15th from 7-8 pm

Free Event! 

Since first encountering The Penland Book of Handmade Books at the public library in 2006, Anne has been passionate about making books and has been learning and practicing the crafts involved in making books – binding, making paper, marbling paper, creating book cloth, and woodworking. These skills were acquired from many different schools, places and avenues of instruction. She loves historically accurate pieces and pieces made from scratch. Join the RAG as we welcome Anne Murray as
our guest speaker for the month of May!

Cara Bevan’s All About Those Gourds!

Tuesday, June 12th from 7-8 pm

Free Event!

Cara is an artist based out of Trinity, who grew up on the Bevan Farm there. Her affinity for animals (which you see in her artwork), and her artistic family are the two things she credits for her artistic endeavors. Cara’s art style is a blend of whimsical and fun mixed with attention to minute details. She is most known for her acrylic paintings and 3D gourd sculptures. This night, Cara will talk about her evolution as a gourd sculptor and how important gourds are to her creative process. Come and learn all about Cara!


Emerging Artist Series

Emerging Artists Series

The Emerging Artists Series was born out of a need for the Randolph Arts Guild to highlight and showcase local talent.  We at the RAG want to support local artists in any shape possible to help them gain exposure and popularity.  Emerging Artists concerts will be held one Monday a month at the Sunset Theatre from 6-8 pm.  Admission is $10 at the door.  Please come out and enjoy the talents of our local musicians!


Farewell Friend
Monday, June 11th from 6-8 pm
Sunset Theatre
$10, tickets at the door

Farewell Friend, started in 2012 by Thomas Troyer. With a multi-layered approach alternative folk country, Farewell Friend delves into lush orchestral textures, gritty distorted guitar solos, and minimal acoustic landscapes to tell stories about love, loss, and identity.   

Their three part conceptual project “Lineage” consists of the remastered EP’s Brother’s KeeperFather and Son, and Grandfather Clock, including two additional singles. This collection of work tells the story of a family line whose history is wrought with struggle, challenge, success, and tragedy. The musical territory covered in this project is diverse as an extended family reunion and divergent as the American landscape.

Lyn Koonce
Monday, July 9th from 6-8 pm
Sunset Theatre
$10, tickets at the door

Lyn Koonce is a singer/songwriter located in Greensboro, who’s style is considered a mixture of Folk/Rock/Jazz/Pop.  She performs solo as well as with her band, Lyn Koonce & Friends, which includes Raymond Brooks on drums and Luke Whitten on guitar and sax.  Lyn is founder and teacher at Harmony Music School, a nonprofit organization which offers free music lessons and instruments to at-risk youth.

2018 Super Messy Summer Art Camp

Attention Summer and Summer Camp Lovers!

Registration for 2018 Super Messy Summer Art Camp is OPEN!

Each summer the Randolph Arts Guild offers two one-week summer day camps for the young people of Randolph County.  The ages that we serve are 5-13, and we recruit teenagers 15 and up to assist teachers as volunteers.

But the cornerstone of the success of this camp is in our creative and innovative teachers!  Our teachers come from all walks of life – artists, full time art teachers and even full time teachers of other disciplines!  We pride ourselves on how much fun our teachers create!

This year we have some AMAZING Summer Camp Teachers!  Stay tuned for Artists and Biographies!

Below, you will find all the information you need, and a link to our brand new registration platform.  Please fill out each category, and don’t forget to click submit!  All registrations and fees are due no later than the dates provided on the registration form!

Week One: Monday, June 25th, 2018 through Friday, June 29th, 2018
Week Two: Monday, July, 23rd, 2018 through Friday, July 27th, 2018

Please click the link below to navigate to the Registration Form:

Forms for Teacher’s Use (After you are selected to teach for the Summer Camp 2018):

Supply List

Summer Camp Lesson Plans

Attention!  Super Messy Volunteers needed!

So you want to help out with Super Messy Summer Art Camp? You’re in luck! We are needing volunteers to assist our wonderful art teachers during the two separate weeks of camp!


1. You must be 15 years of age or older.
2. You must enjoy working with little kids.
3. You must take direction well as you will be assisting a teacher in a classroom setting.
4. You must be available the ENTIRE week of the camp for which you are applying.
5. Please plan to arrive 30 minutes early and stay 30 minutes late for setup and clean up.
6. You must pass a background check (for those 18+).
7. You must complete this application process.

Week One: Monday, June 25th, 2018 through Friday, June 29th, 2018
Week Two: Monday, July, 23rd, 2018 through Friday, July 27th, 2018


Click here for the application:

Summer Camp Registration


Kindermusik Summer Camp!

Kindermusik Camp! For Ages 0 – 6

June 18th – 22nd


Asheboro, NC:  Kindermusik Camp! Ellane Campbell and Kate Keith (of BrushStrokes for Kinder- Folks) are teaming up to bring a mini camp for our youngsters! Enjoy a week full of music and art! You and your little one will sing, dance and create art! Ellane Campbell, a certified Kindermusik instructor will be leading the singing and dancing portion. Kate Keith, an experienced teacher and artist will be teaching the art based part! At the end of the week, you will go home with a Kindermusik instrument and CD, as well as several pieces of artwork that you create with your child.Take a look below at the offering in June! Parent attendance is required. Registration deadline is June 4th.


Here are the following themes with their age groups and times!

Busy Days

Age: 0-2 / Date: June 18-22 / Time: 9:30-10:15 am / Cost: $90 (members) $100 (non-members) Kindermusik only

Zoo Train

Age: 0-4 / Date: June 18-22 / Time: 10:30-11:45am / Cost: $120 (members) $125 (non-members) Kindermusik + Daily Art Project

Tell Me a Tale

Ages:4-6 / Date: June 18-22 / Time: 1:30-2:45pm /  Cost: $120 (members) $125 (non-members) Kindermusik +Daily Art Project


To register, please call Program Director at 336-629-0399, ext 22, or come by the Randolph Arts Guild at 123 Sunset Ave., Asheboro, NC. For more information about this class or others, please visit or visit our Facebook page.


All-County High School Art Club


Calling All Budding Artists!

Join The Randolph Arts Guild

for an All-County High School ART CLUB!


Every 2nd & 4th Saturday @ 1 pm – 4 pm, starting February 10, 2018.


Randolph Arts Guild, 123 Sunset Ave, Asheboro, NC


Have you always wanted to learn more about:

  • Sculpting
  • Digital and Graphic Art
  • Chalk and Oil Pastels
  • Mixed Media
  • Fiber Art (weaving, dyeing, etc)
  • Paper making
  • Book Binding, Journal Art, Altered Books
  • Raw Materials Processes
  • Ceramics & Pottery (wheel & hand)
  • Calligraphy
  • Illustration (comics and anime)
  • Plein Air

This is your chance to create artwork on your own time, at your own speed, and meet other artists and art enthusiasts who want to explore the different avenues of artwork.  Bring your own materials, or use those provided by the RAG.

This club is member-driven, meaning topics covered will be based on what the group wants to learn.  First meeting will be devoted to planning and brainstorming.

The Art club’s mission

  • Bring together high schoolers from any school in Randolph County through creative pursuits
  • Explore various art media in making art beyond the K-12 curriculum
  • Assist club members with documenting artistic development and progress through a multimedia portfolio

To Join

  • Must be enrolled in Grades 9 – 12 at a Randolph County School, Asheboro City School, or a private/charter/homeschool in Randolph County, NC; or currently reside in Randolph County. Please inquire for an exception.
  • Must be a member of the Randolph Arts Guild by the third club meeting the club member attends.

Questions?  Want more information?

Please contact Grace McFetters at

RAG Youth Art Ambassador:

Dakota McPherson at

Gallery & Exhibits

The Sara Smith Self Gallery features work from local, national, and international artists. The recently renovated 1,200 sq. ft. of exhibition space provides a beautiful setting for displaying, viewing, and appreciating works of art.

The Gallery is open Monday through Wednesday, and Saturday 10am – 5pm and Thursday and Friday 10am – 7pm.

Exhibits change monthly and a public opening reception is held the first Tuesday of every month from 5:30pm – 7:30pm.  Check our current exhibitions listed at the bottom of this page and please join us for an upcoming reception.

April Gallery Show: It’s a Mystery!

The Permanent Collection of the Randolph Arts Guild

Come out to help us at the Randolph Arts Guild while we show our permanent collection!  We know the who, what, when, where, and why or some of our donated pieces of artwork, but not everything about every piece.  Our hunch is that our community may be able to help us solve some of the mystery of our permanent collection!  Some items will be labeled while others will have blank pieces of paper available to write down recollections of the artwork and any information that may be helpful for us to identify the artist, the value, and the cultural significance of the pieces.  Join us for this fun round of Mystery ART!

Tues., April 3, 2018 @ 5:30 – 7:30 pm

Lunch and Learn – Surprise Guest
Tuesday, April 24, 2018 @ 12 noon – 1 pm

The Sara Smith Self Gallery is open for viewing on Monday through Wednesday and Saturday from 10 am – 5 pm; Thursday and Friday from 10 am – 7 pm.  There is no charge to visit the Gallery, and we welcome our art gallery visitors!

May Gallery Show: C.A.R.E. Animal Activist Group

Tues., May 1, 2018 @ 5:30 – 7:30 pm

Lunch and Learn
Tuesday, May 29, 2018 @ 12 noon – 1 pm

For the month of May, The Randolph Arts Guild will be having the C.A.R.E. Artists in the Sara Smith Self Gallery, with the opening reception on Tuesday May 1st from 5:30-7:30pm and a lunch & learn on Tuesday May 29th from 12n-1pm. Here’s the C.A.R.E. Artists Mission Statement and their artists bios to learn more about C.A.R.E. and the artists in the gallery!

Our Mission Statement

We are creating a body of art to raise awareness of vulnerable and endangered species existing in our region. Our mantra is “think globally, act locally.” Some of the animals that attract us are not on any list of being threatened. Think of them as the supporting cast. They are the ones that perhaps will touch your heart to make you more aware and fond of the animal kingdom. There is a wonderful relationship between art and conservation. Art engages the viewer and is inspiring and informative. Art can evoke an emotional response, not only capturing the soul and essence of the subject, but also that of the artist. With the North Carolina Zoo, the Greensboro Science Center, Duke Lemur Center, the Conservators’ Center and many other rescue organizations in our region, we have a lot of art to create, and so as a group, we can be more effective. Our goal is to present this work for the benefit of the establishments where the animal resides. Our artists’ goals are to raise awareness, and to donate a portion of any artwork sold to the organization being sponsored at that time.

Artists of C.A.R.E.:
Karine Thoresen
Addren Doss
Andrea Hennings
Alexis Lavine
Tucker Bailey

Artist’s Statement – Karine Thoresen 

Karine Thoresen is a Nationally and Internationally recognized oil painter specializing in animals. Born and raised in Norway, she came to the US after high-school and studied art with the Hicks Art Center in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. Almost 25 years would pass before making art her full time career. She started out painting canines because they have always occupied positions in the animal world that were closest to our affections and they continue to play roles that mirror the activities and needs of the humans they live with. Since the Deepwater Horizon oil spill in 2010, her focus has shifted to birds, fearing great loss in the Gulf. This intensified her passion and interest in depicting and intimately portraying animals as ambassadors for their species. Her goal is to raise awareness of these animals through her art. Karine makes her home in Greensboro, North Carolina. You can visit her website at


Artist’s Statement – Addren Doss

“Light falling across an object, tree, beloved pet. The broken color and textures created with pastels and oils. The whisper of the pastel as it glides across a sanded surface. The movement, push and pull of the oil paint as it is applied with a knife. These are the things that excite me and call for me to paint them.” Animals are one of Addren Doss’ favorite subjects to paint. Be it a beloved pet, a farm animal, or wildlife, they all speak to her. For Addren it is all about the eyes and the texture of the fur. Collectors treasure her pet portraits. Many say they can see the soul of the animal in the eyes, and many have described her cow and bull paintings as “full of attitude”. Addren has been painting professionally for over 25 years, and her paintings can be found in many private and corporate collections across the country and internationally. She studied painting, drawing and sculpture at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. She also studied with noted pastel artists, Ann Tempelton and Albert Handell who has been her mentor for many years. She is a juried master signature member of Women Artists of the West, member of excellence of The Southeastern Pastel Society, associate member of the Pastel Society of America, member of the Pastel Society of North Carolina, and a founding/charter member of The Piedmont Outdoor Painting Society. She is represented by Peacock Alley in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, and Tyler White O’Brien Gallery in Greensboro, North


Artist’s Statement – Andrea Hennings 

Andrea Hennings was born in Koblenz, Germany in 1963 and currently lives and work in Greensboro, NC. Mostly self-taught, but inspired and supported by her likewise artistically talented father, she developed her realistic style, preferably expressed through acrylic on canvas. Andrea’s blog can be found at:


Artist’s Statement – Alexis Lavine 

My watercolor paintings appear to be realistic … but they are thoughtfully conceived, strategically designed, and carefully drawn around abstract shapes, values, colors, movement, and positive and negative spaces. I believe that my approach gives my work a more contemporary feel, and results in paintings which convey my personal reaction to my subject, not merely the visual facts. I have been a passionate “plein air” painter for many years, and take tremendous pleasure from painting outdoors, on location, wherever I am inspired by the landscape. Recently, I have been spending more in my studio, where I can slow down my brush and take more time to design and craft my paintings with the utmost of care, to create the most impact in my work and communicate with my viewers as effectively as possible. I have discovered a new fascination with the clothed human figure, and have been focusing on telling stories, through the use of grouping, cropping, and placement of the figures within my picture plane. Education is tremendously important. I earned two bachelor’s degrees and a master’s degree, before embarking on my path as a painter. I continue to study art whenever possible, and I also teach painting and drawing classes and workshops. I love to speak about art, share my experience and knowledge, and help my students achieve greater success. I was recently honored as “One to Watch” by Watercolor Artist Magazine. My paintings have been published in Splash, The Artistic Touch, The Best of Watercolor, and Watercolor Artist. Creative Art Press has published a six-DVD instructional series, called “Creative Watercolor Using Photographs” featuring my watercolor demos. I am a signature member of the National Watercolor Society, Transparent Watercolor Society of America, Watercolor West, North East Watercolor Society, and Southern Watercolor Society. My work can be found in galleries in the mid-Atlantic and Southern states, and the U.S. Virgin Islands.You can see many of my paintings and learn more about my art and my teaching by visiting my website.


Artist’s Statement – Tucker Bailey

My goal is to depict my subjects with thoughtfulness, sensitivity and respect. I try to be true to the anatomy of each animal along with bringing out its personality and soul, making my sculpture at once an internal and external expression. My life has been one of studying art, animals and their way of being. I have always lived in the country surrounded by nature and my own animals, horses included, which are a great inspiration to me. I have several sculptures at the North Carolina Zoological Park and in private and corporate collections across the United Statesand Canada. I am a Signature Artist with the Society of Animal Artists and have won two Award of Excellence medals and the Evelyn and Peter Haller Award. My work has been included in many “Art and the Animal” tours at museums across the country, including a special exhibit at The National Geographic Society in Washington DC. I am also a Signature Member Artist with The American Women Artists and have won a Silver Medal (over-all) for Signature Members, the Leonard J. Meiselman Award and the Award of Recognition for 3 Dimensional. Other awards have been won at The Catherine Lorillard Wolfe Art Club (Anna Hyatt Huntington Bronze Medal), The American Artists Professional League, the Allied Artists of America and the Pen and Brush. NPR did a segment on my art on Voices and Viewpoints and the Winston Salem Magazine did a story on me, my work and home in their Step Inside article.
More of my paintings and sculpture may be seen at my

36th Annual Juried Arts Show

Call to Artists! The Randolph Arts Guild is proud to announce the 36th Annual Juried Arts Show. Artists may deliver their entries on Friday, June 1st, between 10 am and 5 pm and Saturday, June 2nd, between 10 am and 2 pm. The selected entries will be exhibited during the month of June in the Sara Smith Self Gallery. Entry fee is $20 for RAG members $25 for non-members. Each artist may submit up to three current pieces of their artwork for review by the juror. The juror will have full discretion to select the works to be displayed in the Gallery. The Randolph Arts Guild reserves the right to not display all works as it sees fit. Cash prizes will be given for Best in Show ($200), First Place ($150), Second Place ($100) and Third Place ($50). The show is open to all artists working in any media. Artists with very large pieces or works requiring special installation guidelines should call in advance of submission: 336-629-0399, ext 23. Visit for complete guidelines and juror information. An Opening Reception will be held on Tuesday. June 5, from 5:30-7:30 pm. The public is welcome and encouraged to attend, so invite all of your friends to see your artwork!

Drop off when: 

Friday, June 1st, between 10 am and 7 pm
Saturday, June 2nd, between 10 am and 5 pm.


Entry fee is $20 for RAG members $25 for non-members. For up to 3 pieces of artwork


Cash prizes will be given for
Best in Show ($200)
People’s Choice Award ($150)
Second Place ($100)
Third Place ($50)

Here are the guidelines: 

1. Recent work…completed in prior 24 months only.
2. Ready to hang/exhibit
3. No Salon de Refuse….all work is shown in SSS Gallery
4. All work must be for sale.
5. Artist Statement. We would appreciate it and want to understand the thoughts or perspective of the artist better

The Bramble Ramble! 

The Bramble Ramble! If you recognize that name, then you have been around the Randolph Arts Guild for quite some time! Anyone who has stepped foot in the gift shop or anywhere downstairs at the Guild knows our four footed associate Bramble! The little Westie was a close companion of the late Claudia Ainsworth, and is still a recognizable furry face at the Guild. The Bramble Ramble is an invitational art show to be held in the month of July. All artwork submitted has only two criteria: 1. The work must be inspired by Bramble. -OR- The work must be inspired by Claudia. That’s it! This show will be juried with the juror to be announced. All proceeds from the sale of any work from the show will be donated to a memorial fund in Claudia’s name, so we ask that all work be for sale. The show will run July 10th through the 31st, with the opening reception on July 10th at 5:30 pm. Artists with questions about submission, please contact the Executive Director at 336-629-0399, ext 23.
Cost: No application fee, but proceeds of sales go towards Claudia’s memorial fund
Drop off time: 
June 28th – July 6th during our open business hours in Gallery 101

Full Gallery Schedule for 2018

January  Jerry O’Donnell and Frank Orthel

February  Mary E. Carlisle

March  Youth Art Month

April  RAG Private Collection

May  C.A.R.E. Animal activist group

June  Juried Art Show

July  Bramble Ramble Invitational Art Show

August  Randolph County Vocational Industries

September  Rich Powell & John Czop

October  Et Hacskaylo

November  Marcus Lawson

December  Artist’s Hang-up


Gallery Guidelines

The Randolph Arts Guild is seeking Gallery Submissions for the 2019 Calendar year!  Please see the application form available using the button!

The Randolph Arts Guild’s Gallery Committee is always excited to review the work of artists from within and around our community. To submit your work for consideration please email with Gallery Submission in the subject line.

Please include the following:

  • 3-5 images of your art
  • A short paragraph about what you would like to exhibit.
  • A brief artist statement / bio (Tell us who you are, what you do, and why you do it).

You may also include a current artistic resume and link to your website. It is not uncommon for the Gallery Committee to review an artist’s work multiple times in consideration for exhibition. They will make every effort to give artist feedback regarding their submission. The Sara Smith Self Gallery exhibitions are typically booked two years in advance. Questions – call 336-629—0399 x 23.


Since 1977, the N. C. Arts Council has provided North Carolina citizens access to quality arts experiences with programs that distribute funds for the arts in all 100 counties of the state primarily through partnerships with local arts councils. The Randolph Arts Guild serves as the N. C. Arts Council’s partner in awarding subgrants to local organizations for arts programs in Randolph County and through participating in the Regional Artist Project Grant program.

Regional Artist Project Grant

Grassroots Grants

Teacher Profiles

As a graduate from The University of North Carolina-Greensboro School of Music, with a Bachelors in Music, Tamara has placed her focuses on the therapeutic side of music, and it’s effects on the brain.  She has been directing adult choirs for 17 years and  Children and Youth choirs for more than 10 years.

Over the years, she has studied several instruments such as clarinet, sax, piano, guitar, and ukulele though her major focus has been on vocal styles such as classical and jazz solo work, chamber and chorale as well as modern and classic accapella styles.

She studied and played clarinet and sax in concert, jazz and marching styles, but after attending UNCG, fell in love with the Old Time culture of music, where she played acoustic guitar and ukulele with the UNCG Old Time Ensemble.

Following in the footsteps of her friend and luminary Adrienne Bailey, Tamara came to the Randolph Arts Guild to teach adult piano classes in hopes to expand music education to people of all ages.  While she believes “fun” is a vital element of learning music, her focuses in music education are based on a ternary system of technique, theory and history, in order to allow students a full music education on each instrument.

Performance Experience

  • Various vocal styles and settings, including popular (pop, rock and country), choirs, chorales, vocal jazz, accapella trios, and chamber settings.

  • Acoustic guitar and ukulele ensemble setting as well as accompaniment.

  • Recording studio settings, recording commercials and original music.

  • Special occasion soloist and music planning (Weddings, Funerals, events etc…)

  • Dramatic events- Write, direct and participation 

Work Experience

  • Directing Experience: Adult, Youth and Children’s’ Choirs:  +15 years

  • Guitar and Ukulele: +5 years
  • Piano: +10 years
  • Woodwinds: Clarinet and Sax: +10 years
  • Voice: +15 years
  • Music Theory: +5 years
  • Composition: +15 years



Mark Dillon’s life as musician started well before his birth. His grandfather was a founder of the 1930’s country act The Lonestar Players, a Depression era country band that played that played throughout the United States in the 1930’s, 40’s and 50’s. His great uncle, Hank Jones, in addition to being with the Lone Star Players was the host of Louisiana’s Old South Jamboree from 1962 till 2001. Other members appeared on the Grand Ole Opry stage in the 50’s and 60’s. Mark was raised with the personal stories of Hank Williams, Dolly Parton, George Jones and other country greats. This is the foundation that Mark Dillon’s own music is built on.

Mark’s history as a professional musician is interesting in its own right. Raised near Rolling Prairie, IN (pop. 657) on land that was historically a Miami Indian campsite and a Methodist Minister’s retreat. He started playing guitar at the age of 5 and after graduating in the bottom quarter of his class, he went against all his parent’s wishes and studied music as (ha, ha, ha) a profession.  Mark established the repair shop at Front Porch Music in Valparaiso, Indiana and actually started to make a decent, respectable living. While in Valparaiso he established the Songwriters Association of Northern Indiana (SWANI) as well as studied songwriting and guitar with the likes of Norman Blake, Donovan, John Hartford, Steve Gillette, Martin Simpson and Mary Chapin Carpenter.

Mark began teaching English as well as directing high school band in Chatham County, NC.  He is often invited to speak at conferences and educational events on the subject of roots music education as well as music history. He currently plays guitar and banjo with The Zinc Kings, a band dedicated to preserving the music of the North Carolina piedmont. He also continues his solo career although it seems greatly slowed by the other demands of life.

Mark, who is currently the Music Technology Professor at GTCC, will be leading our Music Historical Series on the cultural influences of music in the U.S.

Performance Experience

  • Performed with the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, (on tenor banjo)
  • Premiered jazz pieces with trombone legend JJ Johnson
  • Busked his way around Ireland.
  • He’s appeared on a Kerrville songwriters compilation with the likes of Steve Gillette, Kevin So, and Chuck Brodski.
  • He has appeared as multi-instrumental musician and producer on 15+ cds and in 2000 released his first solo album “A Certain Slant of Light” followed by “Apple Barn” in 2005.
  • His stage show is known for its diversity ranging from the country tunes learned in his youth to the 12 string Middle Eastern slide pieces he is known to undertake when the mood seems appropriate.


Andrew John Miraran Lyon (A.J.) is currently a student at Randolph Early College High School as a Junior, and is double majoring with an Associate’s Degree in Arts as well as an Associate’s in Business Administration.  After graduation he plans on continuing his degree in Music Theory and Composition with aspirations to become a choral and orchestral composer.
With over ten years of experience as a pianist, A.J. frequently plays for recitals, various NC piano competitions, as well as accompanies various church choirs in the area.
As a private piano instructor at the Randolph Arts Guild, he hopes to share the experiences he has learned over the years to help others become skilled pianists, while having fun.

A.J. is currently accepting new students ages 7-18.



  • Five years, pianist at St. Joseph Catholic Church

  • Member of North Carolina Federation of Music Clubs since 2007

  • 10 years of classical piano music instruction

  • Attendance and performances for choral and piano solos at UNCG summer music camp (2015 and 2016)

  • Composed 6 original works: 2 for piano solo, 1 for piano and viola, and 3 for SATB

  • Assistant Director and Arranger for BETA Club Show Choir

Awards and Acknowledgements

  • (2013-2017) North Carolina Federation of Music Clubs: District Champion for Hymn Playing, 5
    consecutive years at UNCG

  • (2015-2017) North Carolina Federation of Music Clubs: District Champion for Piano Solo, 3
    consecutive years at UNCG

  • (2016) North Carolina Federation of Music Clubs: Second Place, Hymn Playing State
    Competition at UNCG

  • (2017) North Carolina Federation of Music Clubs: First Place, Hymn Playing State Competition
    at UNCG

  • (2018) NC Beta Convention: Third Place Special Talent

Teaching Opportunities

Teaching with the RAG!


The Randolph Arts Guild is always looking for instructors for classes and workshops.  We’ve got an active two story building in downtown Asheboro with room for your creative know-how. Stipends are available. Are you interested in teaching classes and workshops at the Randolph Arts Guild?  Do you have a specific skill or talent that you love to share with others that involve the arts?  We would love to have you apply to teach here!  Below you will find a link to a Google Form with questions for your specific class ideas.  Please have your resume ready to upload!

If there is a class that you would like to teach, please contact our amazing Program Co-Directors, Marcus and Brooke at or or call (336)-629-0399 ext. 22.

On this form, you will find the dates of deadlines for each quarter listed.  If you want your class advertised in The Window newsletter, please submit your forms no later than the dates listed!

Instructor’s Course Information Application


February 28 to appear in 2nd Quarter Newsletter (Apr, May, Jun)

May 31 to appear in 3rd Quarter Newsletter (July, Aug, Sep)

Aug 31 to appear in 4th Quarter Newsletter (Oct, Nov, Dec)

Oct 31 to appear in 1st Quarter Newsletter (Jan, Feb, Mar)

What are our needs?

We are currently looking for some dynamic instructors in these areas:

  1. Watercolor Painting
  2. Basic Stained Glass
  3. Edible Arts (Baking, Cooking, Display, Etiquette, etc.)
  4. Acting
  5. Dance
  6. Multicultural
  7. Lectures
  8. Trips

We have our camp instructors lined up for this year, but please check back next year!! 



Do you have what it takes to teach a young creative team a week’s worth of valuable art experiences?

RAG’s Summer Art Camp is open to 30 students per week and two (2) separate weeks of Summer Camp.

We are offering SUPER MESSY opportunities to teach 1 week of summer art projects for the campers.

Our Summer Camp Instructor Application Guidelines for 2018 will be available soon.  For more information, contact Camp Director Marcus Lawson at (336) 629-0399 ext 22 or email us at

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