Upcoming Lectures/Talks

April: Gerald “Jerry” O’Donnell, Fiber Artist on Fiber to Fabric, 4/24, 7pm, Free

Come visit with Gerald “Jerry” O’Donnell during his lecture exploring how fiber becomes fabric: a poetic transition, as he writes in his artist statement: “A driving need within me to be creative and to explore fiber, has led me to the joy of experimentation by breaking the rules of fabric construction. My work of changing fiber into fabric brings together color blending, texture mixing, and tactile emotion, of the ancient craft of felting. Several felting techniques are used in my work, mainly Nuno, wet, and needle processing.

“The felting of fiber into fabric is the simple process of teasing open the scales of fiber to cause them to blend and adhere to themselves and each other. This is done with heat, pressure, and alkaline solution, applied to natural furs and hairs, such as wools, alpaca, camel, cashmere, silks, etc.

“To me, the value of my pieces lies in their ability to change the observer’s idea of what cloth fabric is. Our everyday world takes fabric for granted. I want it to be seen as the unique manipulation of the ancient cloth making tradition.” His personal artist statement leaves one curious to know more. Jerry intends to leave us with inspiration and motivation to further explore the nuances of fibers, felting, and how an artist interacts through a tactile approach to art.

This lecture is open to the public, and no fee for Felted shawl by Jerry O’Donnell. attendance.


Upcoming Trip

N.C. Museum of Art Tour & Lunch, 4/26, 8 am – until

Take a short trip with Randolph Arts Guild to visit the North Carolina Museum of Art to view the “Glory of Venice Renaissace Painting” and “Ansel Adams Masterworks” exhibits. Van will leave Randolph Arts Guild at 8:30 am on Wednesday morning. Cost is $25 member / $30 nonmember. Cost covers transportation to the museum, entry into the museum with a tour guide. Please bring money (approximately $20 +) for lunch at the museum (Iris Restaurant). Space is limited to 20, with a minimum of 10 participants, so invite your friends!


JUNE – Costume as Art by Alyssa Acord/  June 26, 7 pm / Open to All

We have all stood before our mirrors, looking at our reflection and hoping that what we wear shows a true representation of who we are to the world.  Some of us are conservative, while others seek to wear their interests so the world knows what they enjoy.  And then there is costume.  There is an art and science to costuming as we know it today.  And costume is in everything, from the news you watch to the movies you enjoy.  We are surrounded by costuming.  Alyssa Acord explores this concept of how costume and art converge in her June lecture.  I can’t wait to hear more about it, and we hope to see you there, too.  Extra points if you wear your own costume!

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