Speaker Series

 Kate Keith and the Stained Glass Life
Tuesday, February 13th from 7-8 pm

Free Event!

Katelyn Keith was born and raised in Ramseur, NC. She graduated
from East Carolina University in 2013, double majoring in
Painting/Drawing and Classic Civilizations with a concentration
in Art History. Since then she’s taught art at Pitt County’s Art
Council and most recently at the Randolph Arts Guild. Katelyn
is experienced in many mediums including Painting, Drawing,
Ceramics, multimedia, and also her family’s business of Stained
Glass Art. Come and join Kate as she discusses her journey in
the arts and the influence of her family’s stained glass art on her

 Cara Bevan’s All About Those Gourds!
Tuesday, March 13th from 7-8 pm

Free Event!

Cara is an artist based out of Trinity, who grew up on the Bevan
Farm there. Her affinity for animals (which you see in
her artwork), and her artistic family are the two things she
credits for her artistic endeavors. Cara’s art style is a blend
of whimsical and fun mixed with attention to minute details.
She is most known for her acrylic paintings and 3D gourd
sculptures. This night, Cara will talk about her evolution as
a gourd sculptor and how important gours are to her creative
process. Come and learn all about Cara!





Our Mission:

The mission of the Randolph Arts Guild is to develop, coordinate, and promote activities for the citizens of Randolph County to educate, foster appreciation, and provide for self-expression of the arts.