Fiber Arts

Fiber Arts Have Arrived at RAG!

If you haven’t seen it yet, you are in for a huge surprise!  Fiber arts is alive and well, and back in the Randolph Arts Guild house!  We are featuring weaving and spinning classes starting in April 2017.  If you stop in on us during these months, our weaving room will start up some warping, and our studios will look more like Ye Old Spinnery!  Here are some quick details:

  • Wednesdays Knit Wits: Wednesday evenings from 3 pm – 6 pm.  Featuring a special Ph.D. program (Projects half Done).  Bring whatever project has you stumped and we will help you through it.  Class is hosted by the revered Karen McFetters.  No sign-up necessary, just come on over, pull up a chair to the table, and be prepared for show-and-tell!
  • Thursdays, starting in April, Spin-in at the Randolph Arts Guild, upstairs in the “Spinnery.”  4 – 8 pm.  No sign up necessary.  Spin-in is hosted by Grace McFetters, in-house fiber artist. Two spinning wheels available for rent during the Spin-in time.  Bring your own wheel or drop spindle along with your fiber, and spin to your heart’s content while enjoying a social fiber frenzy.
  • Saturday, Last Saturday in the month, beginning May 27, bring that beautiful fleece you bought from Rising Meadow’s Shearing Day (or SAFF or the Carolina Fiber Fest), and we will embark on a true Sheep-to-Shawl spin-a-long.  First couple of meetings will focus on skirting, if needed, and sorting the fibers, followed by planning for the yarn you want, then spinning, in time for the Tour d’Fleece in July.  Keep a look out for more information about Tour d’Fleece workshops!
  • If you have your own wheel or drop spindle, please inquire about one-on-one workshops to brush up on skills, or if you are ready for your next skill, but not sure where to start.  The Randolph Arts Guild will have spinning wheels to rent.  Bring your own fiber or purchase at the Arts Guild.

Fiber Arts Classes

Weaving Workshop with Jean Vollrath/ Ages 18 + / Tuesdays, January 30 – February 27, 6:30-8:30 pm, $140 members/$160 nonmembers


Continue to learn weaving techniques using a twill sampler dish towel draft. This class is intermediate and is only open to students with fundamentals of weaving and the floor loom. Class instructions will be on Tuesday evenings with open studio between classes to allow you to finish your project. Overall class size is limited to four students, so register quickly! Materials will be included unless you prefer to bring your own. Please call with information regarding yarn requirements. Enrollment deadline is January 2.




Handspinning on a Drop Spindle with Le’Tonya Teague / Ages 6 + / Second Saturday of January, February and March from 1pm-3pm $40 (members) / $45 (nonmember).

Have you ever wondered where your clothes come from? In this class, Le’Tonya will teach students how to assemble and use a drop spindle to transform raw fiber into yarn. All materials are provided: You will go home with your very first drop spindle and wool to spin into yarn. Already have a drop spindle, or want
to take all three Saturday classes? Cost for you is $20 (members)/ $25 (nonmember). Enrollment deadline is the first of each month.

Weaving Workshop with Jean Vollrath/ Ages 18 + / Friday and Saturday, February 16
and 17, $150 (members) / $160 (nonmember)

This workshop will introduce students to basic tapestry techniques. Using pre warped looms, students will begin with a sample piece for practice then apply their skills to creating a small pillow face. All materials will be provided. Students are encouraged to bring any wool and wool blend yarns left over from other projects if they have them. Class will meet from 6:30 to 8:30pm on Friday night and resume at 9am on Saturday. Students should bring a sack lunch. Class will continue until mid afternoon on Saturday. The studio will reopen at 1pm on Sunday for students who need to complete their projects. Enrollment deadline is February 9.




Pine Needle Basketry with Karen Clodfelter January 20th from 10am-5pm (Bring a bag lunch) All Ages
Welcome! $45 members/$55 nonmembers

Karen returns with another Pine Needle Basketry class! Students will learn basic techniques of coiling pine
needles around a central medallion and stitching into a basket while using all natural materials. The pine
needles are long leaf pine from NC. Each student will complete a basket to take home. The class is taught by Karen Clodfelter who has made baskets for 8 years. She is a member of the NC Basketry Association, has initiated and serves as president for the Ladies Homestead Gathering of the Triad, and runs a prosperous flower farm in Randleman. Please bring your own pair of sharp scissors. Enrollment deadline is January 13.







New Year’s Knitting with Le’Tonya Teague January 27th from
10 am-12 n Ages 7+ $30 for members and $35 for non-members


Join Le’Tonya Teague as she shares some of her knitting knowledge!
Have a fun time celebrating the new year as you knit the
morning away! Enrollment deadline is January 16.






Crochet 101 with Grace Stamper January 16 10am-1pm and
January 23th from 5-8 pm Ages 8+ $35 for members and $40 for non-members

Ever watched someone wiggle a hook with some yarn and before your eyes a beautiful item appears? Have you ever wanted to know how it’s done? Well, now you can learn the stitch secrets and terminology behind the art of crochet with this introductory course! We’ll decode the most common abbreviations and phrases used in crochet and unravel the mystery of the five basic stitches used across almost every crochet pattern. Attendees will get the opportunity to combine these basic stitches to make their own project as well. This planned project for this course is an owl tablet cozy/case. Please call for a short supply list. Enrollment deadline is January 9.




Valentine’s Plastic Canvases with Le’Tonya Teague Saturday, February 10th from 10 am-noon,
Ages 5+ (Ages 12 and under must be accompanied by an adult) $35 members, $40 non-members

Le-Tonya Teague is back at the guild this month offering a fun and easy class just in time for Valentine’s Day! Come and learn how to weave using a plastic canvas. This class is for kids only, but may require the help of a parent! Enroll your child today, and let them create a nice little Valentine for the people they love! Enrollment deadline is February 3.





St. Patrick’s Day Tapestry Weaving with Le’Tonya Teague Saturday, March 10th / 10
am-noon, Ages 5+ / $35 members, $40 non-members (Ages 12 and under must be
accompanied by an adult.)

Le-Tonya Teague is back at the guild this month offering a fun and easy class just in time for Valentine’s Day! Come and complete a simple weaving to celebrate the old Irish holiday!. This class is for kids only, but may require the help of a parent! Enroll your child today, and let them create a nice little tapestry for the people they love! Enrollment deadline is March 3.