Pottery Classes!

Pottery Fundamentals!

RAG is currently looking for another potter to join our team!  Do you have teaching experience as a wheel thrower and hand builder?  Let us know!  Please contact thill@randolphartsguild.com if you are interested or know of anyone who is! 

Pottery Fundamentals

Teen Classes Ages 11-15 / 4-6 pm / Thursdays
Adult Classes Ages 16+ / 6-8 pm / Thursdays
Contact RAG for more information on upcoming dates.

Have you ever been curious about clay? Want to get your hands into the mud and be creative? Then this class is just for you! Beginners
will learn the fundamentals of pottery: wedging clay, centering the clay on the wheel, and pulling up the clay to make different
forms. The three basic forms to make on the wheel are a mug, plate and bowl. After that, you should feel more comfortable with
exploring different shapes and forms, such as jars, bottles, vases. This class in not limited to wheel throwing either, we will be going
over hand-building as well. Is there a project that you are wanting to make? We can do that too! We will also explore surface design,
how to apply images, patterns, slips and glazes to the clay.

Cost of classes are $145 members, $155 non-members. Limited to 3 students on wheel and 3 hand-builders. 6 students max for entire class.