Lectures, Trips and Teas

Lectures, Trips, Teas

Speaker Series

Speaker Series: Historical look at Music in Randolph County

FREE for All Ages
Friday, August 17 5:00 pm- 8 pm

From Trinity to Bennet and Liberty to the Pisgah forest, Randolph County NC  has been a central pivot point to the talented musical history of our state, as well as to the US.  Join Mark Dillon, area expert in musical history, as he shares a rich culture of our local musical history and how these small towns influenced much of the music we hear today.
Sit back and enjoy as Mark gives you live examples of this rich music that still exists today.




RAG just went on a trip to Asheville to visit the Biltmore House to look at the Chihuly Exhibit! Will be posting photos soon or check out our facebook page!

Stay tuned for upcoming trips with RAG!