Help Molly Skaggs Make Her Debut Record!


The Cageless Birds are excited to announce the upcoming debut album by Molly Kate Skaggs!

Molly has been part of the Cageless Birds community for over five years and has been giving her life to community, discipleship and serving the sound of countless people on this land. Molly’s sound is rich and warm, saturated with the sound of family and the tenderness of a life deeply imprinted with the mark of Love.  In addition to playing piano with Jonathan and Melissa, Molly has been leading music collectives during the 18 Inch Journey Phase I and Phase II schools, teaching students and interns the value of cultivating their sound.  She has supported many songwriters and musicians by lending her ears, ideas and musical talent to their projects and we could not be more excited to announce that this is her season!  

We just launched a Kickstarter campaign full of amazing perks from our community to raise the funds for Molly’s first album.  Our goal is to raise $16,000 to cover production costs, paying guest musicians, mixing and mastering the project, travel expenses, and other miscellaneous costs.  Anything else raised above this amount will go toward any remaining production costs and will serve as seed money that will directly go toward other musical projects that our collective is dreaming into for the future.  

It is Molly’s dream to craft this album with excellence and to steward the sound of her life well.  In order to make this project into a reality, we are joyfully asking for your help!  Thank you for investing in the sound of our community and into Molly’s story!  We can’t do this without you! “

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